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1863 Ventures

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1863 Ventures

About 1863 Ventures

Our mission at 1863 Ventures Our programs seek to accelerate new majority entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth. Our vision is to create $100B of new wealth and economic power for and by the New Majority.

Over the past several years, 1863 Ventures has had the honor of working with over 2,500 early-stage and growth-stage founders through our formal programs across a multitude of sectors and industries. With a membership representing nearly $300M and several thousand jobs, 1863 is fortunate to have crossed paths with some of the best and brightest founders in the nation.

We accelerate black and brown entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth, through rigorous leadership training and strategic market access. ‍ Our thesis is that entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly viable pathway for the New Majority to build wealth. Our goal is to facilitate this trend by reducing barriers and risk for these founders across the nation.


Melissa Bradley

Melissa Bradley

Founder of 1863 Ventures
Washington DC
United States
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