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4impact is a venture capital fund investing in Dutch digital tech4good start-ups focusing on societal and sustainable impact and financial return. We believe that companies focusing on societal, sustainable and financial return will outperform and the global tech revolution will continue to expand rapidly. We focus on technology-driven companies in three investment areas: inclusion, health & well-being, environment.

Ventures within this space benefit from:

Planet - Achieving the United Nation’s Global Social Development Goals opens up $12Tr of market opportunities by 2030 for the private sector and potentially 2-3x more.

Purpose - Accelerated rise in purpose-driven efficiency through innovation. Tech ventures are the cradle of innovation.

People - 74% of Millennials want a job where they feel their work matters, 66% of consumers will pay more for products from sustainable brands.

Profit - Sustainable companies are thriving and delivering attractive returns to shareholders with impact investing providing competitive returns versus investing in traditional businesses.


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Investment Sectors
Health & Wellness
Climate Change
Average Check Size:
$500k - $1M
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