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We are helping families and businesses reach their economic potential and build better lives. We advance our mission by supporting companies through advisory services, targeted coaching, and support for startups, and by providing high-caliber governance through board oversight. Our decades of on-the-ground experience in what the poor need and insights into new technologies set us apart.

Early-stage startups often lack access to the capital and support they need to grow. Accion’s seed-stage investment initiative, Accion Venture Lab, provides financial and post-investment support to address these needs. Investing since 2012, and backed by third party commercial and impact investors since the launch of our fund in 2019, we typically invest U.S. $500,000 in seed-stage startups and can continue to support companies as they grow through follow-on capital that drives scale. Accion Venture Lab is an active and engaged investor, creating value in our portfolio by providing investees with strategic and operational support across a broad range of functional areas.

We look for startups that are leveraging new technologies, data, and analytical tools to acquire, engage, and serve previously underserved individuals and small businesses. We like innovative customer engagement models that blend tech and touch to create seamless user experiences. We are excited about new approaches that focus on financial health and building financial capabilities as they provide critical products and services to consumers.


Michael Schlein

Michael Schlein

President and CEO at Accion
New York
United States
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