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Alter Equity

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Alter Equity

ALTER EQUITY was the first French management company to offer an investment model in companies whose activity has a positive impact on people or nature and whose management practices are part of global responsibility.

At the same time, managed funds seek attractive remuneration for subscribers in order to remunerate their risk. This combination is symbolized in the 3Ps of their name, meaning People Planet Profit.


The companies in which ALTER EQUITY3P II invests are characterized by:

- their activity: their products or services respond to a major social or environmental issue. In practice, these activities intersect with the UN Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs"); and
- their management practices: they are committed to a dynamic of progress in terms of social and environmental responsibility in the conduct of business through the implementation of a dedicated action plan, called the Extra-Financial Business Plan (BPEF).

The second fund raised, ALTER EQUITY3P II, is particularly ambitious in terms of impact, in line with the results of the previous fund:

- 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 have been avoided since the entry into the capital of the participations thanks to their activity. By way of comparison, France's annual emissions amount to 450 million tonnes;
- 92% of fund I's holdings met the BPEF objectives by more than 90%; and
- 1/3 of the companies in which the Fund has invested are headed by women, which also seems to us to be a record among French investment funds.

ALTER EQUITY3P II invests in companies amounts from 1 to 10m€ and can structure larger transactions with co-investors, up to around 30m€.


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