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The firm’s founding mission is to help integrate greater sustainability across capital markets. We believe economic value creation can and should be combined with environmental stewardship, social inclusion and good governance.

Sustainability factors are more than merely extra financial considerations for investors; we believe they form the foundation of successful markets.

By making this approach accessible to all through our asset management services and ESG data platform, S-Ray®, we believe that finance can be a catalyst for change and allow us to live through our values.

We are an independent global asset management firm at the cutting edge of AI and sustainability research. Through our rules-based and quantitative investment approach, we eliminate human biases and are able to perform analyses at scale. Integrating sustainability through Arabesque’s proprietary S-Ray® framework enhances our information environment and contributes to achieving better risk-adjusted returns for our portfolios.

For Arabesque, a sustainable company is one that positions and manages itself for long-term financial success while accounting for all stakeholders’ interests. We believe Environmental, Social, and Governance (‘ESG’) data are the means to quantifying this corporate strategy, purpose and management quality. Thus, incorporating ESG factors into investment decisions forms the foundation of sustainable investing.


Todd Arthur Bridges Ph.D

Todd Arthur Bridges Ph.D

Partner & Global Head of Sustainable Investing at Arabesque
United States
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