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Arborview Capital

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Arborview Capital

Sustainability is becoming central to consumer and business decision-making. For over a decade, we have partnered with high-quality management teams building a more environmentally sound, resource efficient future. These visionary leaders and their disruptive businesses are proving that sustainability is a compelling, rapidly expanding opportunity. One that will drive returns to all stakeholders — investors, employees, customers, suppliers — and the environment.

We are comfortable investing at any stage. We have worked with companies as early as Series A and have executed buyouts of mature businesses.

We look for established, high-growth companies, typically with $5M+ in revenue that are capital efficient and close to EBITDA positive.

We seek opportunities to invest $3-10M. We are open to leading a round, partnering, or investing alone.

We collaborate with teams whose values are in line with ours. People who share our belief that sustainability makes business sense. People who will go the extra mile to take care of their teams and be a steward of our natural resources.  

We are investors, but most importantly, we are partners. We craft an intentionally concentrated portfolio, making a limited number of investments, which allows us to meaningfully engage with each of our businesses.

We create value by utilizing all of our resources to help accelerate profitable growth and impact. Typically, we are involved at the board level and work directly with management teams on strategic priorities from inception to exit.

We are patient. We do not define a time frame for our investments. Instead, as with all of our actions, we look to do what is best for the business and its impact.


Karl Khoury

Karl Khoury

Founder of Arborview Capital
Washington DC
United States
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