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Baruch Future Ventures

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Baruch Future Ventures

Baruch Future Ventures (BFV) is a venture capital and family office fund that works with innovators and entrepreneurs to address pain points in climate sensitive and resource limited markets in:

1. clean and efficient energy generation, infrastructure, and storage;

2. water treatment and conservation;

3. air quality;

4. food security and sustainable agriculture and

5. health care diagnostics and therapeutics.

BFV’s investment strategy is based on the hypothesis that population growth up to a peak of 11 to 12 billion people (vs. 7+ billion currently) will place a tremendous burden on resource availability for a growing earth population having increasing amounts of discretionary spending capability. All nations must have access to energy, food, and water free from threat of shortages and with minimal impact on the environment.

BFV defines the superordinate limitations in each market we address. BFV also applies both impactful and multidisciplinary technologies to transform the way people do things or think about things. The outcome is to realize potential for growth, crisis resilience, and strong returns. We believe that competently organized and executed multidisciplinary technologies are usually four times more likely to achieve disruptive outcomes by also changing the context, and the way we do things. An individual technology more often does not disrupt than does disrupt. When multidisciplinary technologies are combined, it is disruptive when the outcome results in new ways of making products, new businesses, or services.


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