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Blackhorn Ventures

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Blackhorn Ventures

Welcome to the Age of Efficiency

We are in an age of efficiency, where resources alone can no longer spur consumption, but are now the focus of innovation.

Visionary companies are changing how our industries use resources. They leverage breakthroughs in engineering and science to define new standards of efficiency.

Blackhorn Ventures is focused on funding these visionary companies. In fact, that is why we exist.

The Future is Now

The last thirty years have brought about widespread connectivity, cheap bandwidth, processing, and sensors; technologies that are now being deployed into critical industrial sectors.

The companies driving this deployment are reshaping how our industries operate.
We fund companies that are using technology to create unprecedented resource productivity. We support them in out performing the competition, increasing profit margins, and in establishing new benchmarks of efficiency.

These companies are transforming enduring industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, water, and energy.

The industries that build, supply and maintain the world we live in.


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