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Blue Bear Capital

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Blue Bear Capital

Blue Bear’s Focus on Digital Solutions for the Energy and Climate Industries Makes Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) Impact Intrinsic to Our Returns-Driven Investment Strategy.

The United Nations has set 17 interconnected Sustainable Development Goals for the global community to hit by 2030.  Blue Bear partners with companies that operationalize these goals in the process of building important and valuable businesses.

Blue Bear Capital invests in high-growth technology companies across the energy, infrastructure, and climate industries.

Macro factors are forcing the energy supply chain to get smarter and more efficient. Meanwhile, breakthrough technologies like machine learning, industrial internet, and cloud computing have reached commercial scale.

But there is often a gap between Tech VC and the energy industry.

Blue Bear Capital exists to fill that gap.

Blue Bear is backed by private equity investors, entrepreneurs and technical operators who have spent their careers in the energy and technology industries. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs execute on this historic opportunity.


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