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BonVenture is the first investment company in the German-speaking countries that focuses on the social impact of its portfolio companies: Since 2003, we have offered investors the possibility to provide social venture capital to social enterprises through our fund. As a partner to social enterprises, we strengthen you with capital, expertise and contacts and promote the development and spread of social innovations.

The team of BonVenture Management GmbH only receives a financial profit from the managed fund when the determined social effects are achieved. A portion of the profits is donated to the BonVenture gGmbH (charity), making BonVenture a social enterprise itself.

The BonVenture Management GmbH team includes a diverse array of individuals with backgrounds in business management, financial mathematics, psychology and theology. What unites us is our passion for entrepreneurial vision and the desire to tackle the challenges of our time. In addition to looking for new social enterprises, we dedicate ourselves to investor profits and advise the social enterprises we support.


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