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Breakthrough Energy Ventures

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Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Established in 2015 by Bill Gates and a coalition of private investors concerned about the impacts of accelerating climate change, Breakthrough Energy supports the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero emissions.

We are building on the proven model of public-private partnerships that Gates has already used to transform health, education, and public welfare around the world. Breakthrough Energy is a network of entities and initiatives, including investment funds, nonprofit and philanthropic programs, and policy efforts linked by a common commitment to scale the technologies we need to achieve a path to net zero emissions by 2050. We are encouraging the development of new net-zero energy technologies, championing policies that speed innovation from lab to market, and bringing together governments, research institutions, private companies, and investors to expand and enhance clean-energy investment.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Breakthrough Energy Ventures has raised over $2 billion in committed capital to support bold entrepreneurs building companies that can significantly reduce emissions from agriculture, buildings, electricity, manufacturing, and transportation

Breakthrough Energy Ventures Europe

A €100 million pilot fund and a partnership with the European Commission and the European Investment Bank to help decarbonize the European economy

Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada

A $30 million effort with the Canadian government to accelerate clean-energy technology similarly there

Breakthrough Energy Sciences

A team of top clean energy scientists and technologists working to develop rigorous analytic tools to help the world reach global net-zero emissions and clean, reliable, affordable energy for all

Breakthrough Energy Fellows

Every year we will fund a cohort of the world’s most innovative researchers, scientists, and business mentors developing new clean technology solutions that have the potential to reduce emissions by at least 500 million tons per year by 2050

Breakthrough Energy Catalyst

A first-of-its-kind program to demonstrate how we can finance, produce, and buy the new solutions that will underpin a low-carbon economy


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