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Caspian invests in enterprises that address the problems of access and efficiency in business ecosystems that have a positive social or environmental impact. We seek to utilize our understanding of early-stage enterprises that operate in this sphere and bring our capital and expertise to improving the outreach and viability of their businesses.

Over our last fifteen years, we have tried to create a positive impact, articulate and measure it to evaluate how our capital is helping address pressing social and environmental problems. A common language to discuss the impact and indicators to help measure it, is still evolving. We are committed to doing our bit. Our investees and portfolio companies today impact over 13 of the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Our primary impact lens is a sectoral one.

We work in sectors with high potential for developmental impact and prefer clients working with low-income households or women, or contributing to environmental sustainability. We select “Positive Impact” business models, and apply prudent Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) filter to onboard customers.

We are a certified B Corp Corporation. B Corp certification, by B Lab, certifies that Caspian meets rigorous, global standards of social, environmental performance, is accountable, and is transparent to all our key stakeholders. We join 3200 B Corps in 150 industries across 71 countries. We will continue to hold ourselves and our portfolio firms to the highest standards of transparency and governance, and we look for these values in every current and future Caspian team members and portfolio companies.


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