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We are a private, family office focused on impact-first investing to improve livelihoods in marginalized and vulnerable communities globally.

Ceniarth is a single-family office focused on funding market-based solutions that benefit underserved communities. Through a range of investing activity, we provide capital to enable the deployment of products, services, and support that directly impact marginalized, primarily rural, populations.  We aim to finance enterprises and intermediaries in ways that lead to long term growth and sustained benefits to communities. We fund non-profits, for-profits, and hybrid organizations.

Founded in 2013 by Diane Isenberg, Ceniarth works in conjunction with the Isenberg Family Charitable Foundation. Our ability to leverage program-related investments and grants, in addition to unrestricted investment capital, allows us to think flexibly and creatively to address funding gaps. Our goal is to apply the right, most efficient form of capital for a given need in order to produce measurable impacts. Our long-term goal is to deploy the entirety of our capital, in all its forms, in the most direct pursuit of our mission as possible.

Historically, we organized our work around three different capital deployment strategies that aimed to capture the inherent risk, return, and impact tradeoffs that we saw in pursuing investments with a primary intention of generating impacts in deeply underserved places.  Our experience over the years investing in these communities has led to move away from the finance-first side of this continuum and to focus exclusively, for new allocations, on impact-first opportunities. In general, we do not benchmark our activities against commercial, market-rates of return. Rather, we simply aim to maximize our desired impact while preserving our ability to recycle our capital base over time.


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