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Colam Impact

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Colam Impact

Colam Impact is a subsidiary of the Colam Entreprendre Group, a private family business, today bringing together nearly 600 family descendants and spouses of two families from the North of France, the Coisne and the Lambert. A portfolio company dedicated to social and environmental impact, Colam Impact is one of the fruits of the CAR approach, “Colam Responsible Shareholder”, officially launched by Colam Entreprendre in 2016.

Our company is one of the concrete achievements of the willingness of our family associates to get involved in this collective approach, by putting the human and financial resources of our family group at the service of companies having a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

Through Colam Impact, we provide long-term support to companies in the early stages, but also to companies that are more advanced in their development, thanks to patient, responsive and responsible capital. We favor capital investment but also have other tools to support each company in a flexible and efficient manner.


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