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Conservation X Labs

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Conservation X Labs

Conservation X Labs is a technology and innovation company that creates solutions to stop the extinction crisis.

he planet is headed towards a period of extraordinary change: A sixth mass extinction, the first in Earth’s history driven by the actions of a single species — our own.   Conservation is not succeeding fast enough. Extinction and habitat destruction are increasing exponentially, while our solutions increase incrementally. By focusing on drivers — not symptoms — of extinction, we can eliminate threats to species and dramatically improve the protection and health of ecosystems.

Technological advances have accelerated rapidly, leading to exponential increases in processing power, memory capacity, number and quality of sensors, pixel capacity, global connectivity, energy generation and storage, machine learning, and rapid prototyping and manufacturing. This unprecedented series of technological, financial, and social forces present a unique opportunity to transform the future of conservation.

By harnessing planetary genius and the democratization of science and technology, we can allow conservation to operate at the pace and on the scale necessary to keep up with (and even get ahead of) the planet’s toughest environmental challenges.


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