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Deep Science Ventures

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Deep Science Ventures

DSV creates thesis-driven venture building programs and synthesises knowledge, talent and capital into optimal scientific ventures.

DSV is a venture studio and a fund that has developed a systematic, optimised approach to science company development and investment. DSV is focused above all on building the critical infrastructure required for brand new, high growth, high impact companies. In contrast to an accelerator programme, DSV stimulates the generation of novel ideas through our proprietary process that focuses on first-principles thinking.

This enables DSV to create companies that represent the “holy grail” in that opportunity area. The focus is on “tough” sectors which, relative to their economic value, tend to see fewer startups created. Companies in these sectors tend to draw more investment, create more jobs and move less often. They also tend to be more R&D intensive, and accordingly afford greater positive externalities than companies in other sectors.


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