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Eka Ventures

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Eka Ventures

We work with founders building category-defining consumer technology companies that positively shape the world, making it more sustainable, healthy and inclusive. There is an urgent need and unprecedented opportunity to use the power of science, data and technology to build a better economy.

Data is now flowing through software, hardware and across science.  This connectivity is driving three consumer related trends that will deliver huge societal impact and major shareholder value: sustainability, consumerization of healthcare and inclusivity

Sustainable consumption

Shifting to an efficient, circular model that delivers products that are better for the consumer and the planet.

Consumer healthcare

Moving from a reactive treatment-driven health system to a more proactive and preventive consumer-led system.

Inclusive economy

Using data to better understand a customer’s individual needs so that core, essential products are affordable and accessible to everyone.

We invest in companies with early product market fit and evidence that the founders can build an exceptional team.

Our preference is to be the first institutional investor and lead rounds with a £0.5-3m investment.

We back category defining direct to consumer companies and the technology that enables incumbent brands to drive change.


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Investment Sectors
Consumer Goods
Health & Wellness
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$500k - $1M
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