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Elevar Equity

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Elevar Equity

Our mission is to fuel the economic resilience and vibrancy of low income communities. By spending considerable time with our customer segment, we develop a deep understanding of their aspirations, priorities, cash flows and challenges. Combined with uncompromising analysis, we translate this into concrete investment insights that are the basis of our investing in “deep in the weeds”, solution oriented entrepreneurs. We call this human centered capital.

Elevar’s investments have democratized access to essential products and services for over 30 million households and catalyzed billions of dollars of capital in 40+ companies.

We are an emerging markets team investing in multiple emerging markets. Our niche is early growth capital and a commercial approach to impact investing. Our investments intend to solve issues of inequity for marginalized and underserved customers (read about how we define our LAhWSTM customer segment here) and achieve benchmark market performance. In this context, we focus on real affordability and value creation for our customers, organizational design and optimal investment terms for our entrepreneurs, and benchmarked performance for our investors. A human centered approach to human centered capital.


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