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Extantia Capital

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Extantia Capital

We are all about Climate First.

Extantia is a VC fund that invests in deep decarbonization technologies that lead us to a world beyond fossil fuels. Extantia literally aims at the aspect of survival; not only of our planet, but also of humanity, of our values, of our culture of inclusion and progress.There is no better way to achieve this than by supporting the next generation of mission-driven Gigacorn founders.

We are actively searching for companies that have the potential of becoming a “Gigacorn”. Our goal is to find exceptional companies that are ultimately capable of saving in excess of 1Gt of CO2e emissions per year and are also commercially viable with scalable business models.

We assess Gigacorn potential by measuring and forecasting CO2e savings over time and place the evaluation of this impact corridor at the core of our investment decisions. This means we only back companies that are capable of reducing at least 100 Mt of CO2e a year, either through direct technology impact or indirectly as a significant digital enabling force across sectors.


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