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Factor[e] Ventures

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Factor[e] Ventures

We are a team of impact venture builders dedicated to supporting the people and ideas that turn challenges in energy, agriculture, mobility, and waste into de-carbonized solutions for emerging and frontier markets.

Working across the globe, we bring disruptive innovation to the world’s fastest-growing markets.  We serve as a conduit between philanthropic and commercial investors who are like-minded in their pursuit of sustainable development through market-driven forces.

We use a thesis-based investment strategy to identify critical market needs in energy, agriculture, mobility, and waste. Then we use a technology-forward analysis coupled with our deep understanding of the economic contexts in which we work to identify investment opportunities. Where we don’t find solutions to the identified problems, we pull together world-class talent with technologies to incubate and then scale internal concepts.

We believe it is necessary to equip early-stage companies with more than just capital. We’re extremely hands-on at the seed stage and provide our companies with unparalleled support, which includes our post-investment Engage Platform, access to a network of fellow founders operating in emerging markets, channels to markets, and policy support.

With decades of combined experience supporting ventures in emerging markets, we’re obsessively focused on providing companies with the tools and resources they need to scale their businesses and impact globally. We advocate for non-dilutive grant funding where appropriate, and help companies become investment-ready for the next rounds of equity funding by helping them build a “ventureable package.”


Morgan DeFoort

Morgan DeFoort

Managing Principal of Factor[e] Ventures
United States
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