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Farmland LP

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Farmland LP

Farmland LP is a leading investment fund that generates returns by converting conventional commercial farmland to sustainable. Founded in 2009, we manage over 15,000 acres and more than $175 million in assets.

Our approach to acquiring and converting farmland relies on our unique operational expertise to enhance value in each of our farmland investments. We focus on generating competitive risk-adjusted returns while accruing benefits to stakeholders across the ecosystems in which we operate.

We target U.S. farmland regions poised for long-term appreciation, with strong demand for locally grown, organic food, robust existing farming communities, and favorable long-term climate projections.

Our team leverages decades of combined experience to transform conventional commercial farmland into a more profitable regenerative landscape. Investors gain exposure to two markets: farmland and organic food.

We target properties poised to benefit from infrastructure improvements. We create value by updating irrigation systems, water rights, fencing, large farm equipment, and other assets.

Enhancements to technology, business management systems, and bulk buying improve long-term farmland profitability.

Diversified crops optimize land use and stay responsive to market demand. We replace commodity crops with specialty and permanent crops, like grapes and blueberries, that command higher prices. Long-term crop rotation plans increase soil fertility, productivity, and resilience.


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