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Flat World Partners

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Flat World Partners

Flat World Partners is a next generation investment advisory firm, solely focused on impact investments. We take a global, active and transparent approach to our investment strategy, seeking out the best in class opportunities that meet the needs of clients. We work alongside your investment team to build customized impact portfolios. We’re constantly talking to the impact market, conducting due diligence on managers, products and direct investments to help you drive your business for generations to come.

From affordable housing in Maine to water infrastructure in Mozambique, investing can be a powerful tool for social change.  We see first hand the positive, productive influence investment can have on people’s lives when done with impact in mind.  Environmental stewardship, economic opportunity, and social diversity are the hallmarks of a forward-looking, return-seeking investor in the 21st century.

Our Mission is to drive more capital into impact investments. We believe we can achieve this by serving as a bridge between existing gaps in the market. We understand the challenges that you face when evaluating impact, and hope to stand alongside you in achieving your impact goals.


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