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We invest in growth stage companies with developed climate-critical infrastructure technology.  Our focus is on technologies that abate short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), which have a disproportionate warming effect in their first twenty years of emission (GWP 20). We accelerate commercialization and asset deployment as a capital and operational partner. Our focus is on sectors of the economy that are the largest contributors of SLCPs.

FullCycle invests to accelerate the deployment of technologies that address the greenhouse gases with the highest warming potential in the first 20 years of emission (GWP20). These high-impact climate pollutants (CH4, HFC, N2O, etc) make up 24% of atmospheric greenhouse gases, while being responsible for close to 50% of global warming.

FullCycle developed a unique investment model, specifically designed to accelerate the deployment of the climate critical technologies.  These technologies must exceed our threshold for Carbon Return on Investment (CROI-20) and deliver above market returns on a risk adjusted basis.


Ibrahim AlHusseini

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Founder and Managing Partner of FullCycle
Los Angeles
United States
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