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Global Good Fund

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Global Good Fund

The Global Good Fund accelerates the development of high potential young leaders tackling the world’s greatest social issues. We achieve this by investing both human and financial capital in promising young leaders through our fellowship program. Fellows are paired with seasoned executives who serve as coaches, which is central to our leadership philosophy. The energy of the young leader, guided by the expertise of an experienced executive, becomes a powerful force for good in the world. We additionally provide leadership assessment resources, a network of peer leaders, content expertise, and targeted funding to our fellows.

Every person should have access to the health care they need, enough money to pay their bills, education for their children, clean water to drink, air to breathe and the ability to participate in the global economy. We know this world exists when social entrepreneurs are empowered to lead and have the tools they need to make their vision reality.  We invest in entrepreneurs focused on solving five key social issues related to sustainable changes in education, healthcare, the environment, financial services and the economy. Built by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs, we identify high-potential leaders and accelerate their success through proven, proprietary development methods. We believe growing leaders is the best strategy for solving complex social problems and achieving global good.


Carrie Rich

Carrie Rich

Co-founder and CEO of The Global Good Fund
Washington DC
United States
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