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Grounded Capital Partners

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Grounded Capital Partners

Aligning resources for a regenerative food system

Grounded Capital Partners was created with a different approach to capital, committed to investing in the health of a system rather than monetizing the symptoms of an unhealthy system.

We believe that all life and natural resources are interconnected. This guides everything we do.

We embrace the interdependence of people, planet and capital to support a regenerative and resilient food system.

Creating demand for regeneratively-grown ingredients may be the most impactful way we can invest capital to grow capacity of regenerative agriculture and agroecological practices.

We invest long-term private capital in established, mission-driven food companies that have the potential to influence the way food is produced and drive regenerative outcomes for people, land and ecosystems.

Through these efforts, we have an opportunity to heal the land, rebalance our climate, achieve social and economic justice and ultimately restore the relationship between people, planet and capital.


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