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Illumen Capital

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Illumen Capital

Illumen Capital leverages our power as investors to deliver capital combined with evidence-based bias-reduction training and coaching for our portfolio of fund managers.

By partnering with Stanford SPARQ, Illumen Capital has developed a 10 year bias-reduction program for fund managers, designed to help managers make better decisions, expand their investable landscape, and maximize and protect every dollar invested.

We invest in the world's best impact fund managers and take them through a rigorous process to reduce their implicit bias.
  • We evaluate managers to invest in through a diligence process that emphasizes both impact and financial return.
  • We deliver bias reduction coaching and curriculum to managers, ultimately aimed at driving capital to entrepreneurs - and communities - that have long been overlooked and undervalued.
  • We cultivate a synergistic and robust network of GPs, LPs, consultants and researchers designed to create a learning environment on issues of racial equity and investing.


Daryn Dodson

Daryn Dodson

Managing Partner at Illumen Capital
Oakland, CA
United States
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