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Indico Capital Partners

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Indico Capital Partners

We are the leading independent Venture Capital firm in Portugal investing in global and sustainable technology companies. Indico´s funds invest in software as a service, marketplaces, artificial intelligence, internet of things, fintech, cybersecurity and digital companies. Our investment range is mostly from Pre-Seed to Series A (from 100k and 5M euros) in Portuguese and Spanish startups.

We are often the first investors into a startup and, given our backgrounds, we are very hands-on when working with the companies in our portfolio.

The Portuguese ecosystem has a strong backbone of engineering talent and its track record is on the enterprise tech and digital companies. Our focus is to support the best, high tech companies going from local to global and invest from €100k to €5M in areas like blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, enterprise SaaS, fintech, marketplaces, among others.

Our step by step decision making process has been done by the team in dozens of past investments. We look for potentially unique global winners with amazing products, solving a big problem and a clear business model.


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Investment Sectors
Artificial Intelligence
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$500k - $1M
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