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Launch Alaska

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Launch Alaska

We think startups are the key to a needed industrial re-revolution, driving the rapid, critical shift in our systems that will allow us to mitigate the causes and effects of climate change while unlocking incredible economic opportunity.

The challenges are massive. But the solutions are exciting, and we’re proud to partner with game-changing startups from all over the globe to amplify their efforts to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

We’re on a mission—to accelerate the resource revolution.

To change our relationship with carbon-fueled energy.

To liberate our food, water, transportation, and energy systems from the prison of what past generations thought possible.

To work with dynamic startups innovating real-world solutions to important problems.

To get out of the rut of production and consumption we’ve been in for decades, stepping forward into a brighter future of access, independence, and efficiency.


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