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Limitless Ventures

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Limitless Ventures

Limitless Ventures is an independent growth capital sponsor  in the lower middle market combining private and philanthropic capital to scale multi-disciplinary solutions  for those impacted by mental health challenges and substance use disorder.

We are a team of people looking for opportunities to support recovery across all walks of life. Our investment committee represents a broad array of perspectives as we invest along the continuum of care, seeking to solve the continuum of pain. Our firm believes in excellence, both on our team and in the opportunities we seek. We are open to all types of thought leadership, seeking balance across neuro-diversity, equity backgrounds and inclusive perspectives.

We believe that mental health and addiction broaden the ESG framework, mandating a new category, "H" for Health based impact investment metrics. "ESG+H" is a risk, which our principles, philosophy and portfolio seeks to mitigate and thereby paves the way for standardizing the economic and impact measurements across the healthcare and financial communities.

Limitless is not aligned with any sect, denomination, or political party. The firm does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any other causes. Our primary purpose is to return capital to our investors and to help people, heal people.


Alexander Holt

Alexander Holt

Founder of Limitless Ventures
New York
United States
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