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MaSa Partners

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MaSa Partners

MaSa Partners is a social impact venture that invests patient capital in early-stage, mission-driven companies solving today’s problems. We believe social change and sustainable development can be achieved without sacrificing financial returns.

By providing early financial and human capital, MaSa works collaboratively with company founders, investors and other stakeholders to build the foundations for success.

Sarah and Max met in 2013 through their volunteer board work for UNICEF USA. Sarah had just left her corporate career to become a public servant, while Max was taking a break after twenty years in the energy & environmental arena. At the time, social impact investment had been approached through a philanthropic lens or with the expectation of modest, if any, financial returns.

A couple of years later, Max and Sarah co-founded MaSa Partners to build a financially sustainable venture that invests, grows and recycles capital. Since inception, MaSa Partners has built a multi-sector portfolio addressing some of our greatest challenges, such as climate change and gender & income inequality.


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Health & Wellness
Food & Ag
Climate Change
Social Entrepreneurship
Economic Development
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