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Masawa Fund

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Masawa Fund

We are on a mission to alleviate unneeded human suffering by initiating and investing in approaches that increase mental wellness.    

We believe that mental wellness is a fundamental right, and a prerequisite for living an optimal, happy, and fulfilling life. That’s why we want to make the most effective approaches for nurturing a healthy and resilient mind widely available. So that billions live life.

At Masawa, we do not merely deploy capital, we nurture it. Through a holistic investment approach, we enhance financial returns with our unique focus on founder resilience, organizational health, and social impact maximization.

Although our minds are vulnerable, with the right interventions and care, we can strengthen and protect them with a shield of resilience.

We want to help people on their journey to nurturing a more resilient and healthier mind. We are on a mission to enable billions to flourish and live life to the fullest as healthy, and well-functioning members of their families, communities, and society. How?

As the world’s only mental wellness impact fund, we invest in promising founders who are fundamentally shifting how mental wellness is understood and attained, by providing evidence-driven, ambitious, and innovative solutions.


Joshua Haynes

Joshua Haynes

Founder and Managing Partner at Masawa Fund
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