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Moore Ventures

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Moore Ventures

Moore Ventures invests in innovative businesses that leverage scalable technology and intellectual property to drive the low-carbon economy.

Our approach is differentiated along four dimensions:

Diversity: We fund diverse teams because they perform better in terms of capital efficiency, resulting in higher rates of return.    

Media savvy: Moore Ventures leverages its comprehensive media experience, the power of storytelling, and our extensive network to help our portfolio companies gain market traction faster.

Intellectual property: Moore Ventures has unique expertise in IP monetization, which can generate early and broad-based revenue streams providing faster liquidity.  

Founder insight and engagement: We deploy a cutting-edge leadership assessment and development platform, Apertur, to identify founder teams with the highest organizational potential and provide ongoing training and coaching.


Melinda Moore

Melinda Moore

General Partner at Moore Ventures
Los Angeles
United States
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