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Odyssey Impact investments

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Odyssey Impact investments

Investing to solve the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

Odyssey Impact investments is based in Luxembourg and has a global scope of activities. We invest our own and attract external capital to companies contributing to fighting global climate emergency and plastic pollution. We offer professional investors private equity investment opportunities with a quantifiable impact and market-level returns.

Climate change and environmental destruction are the largest man-made challenges ever faced by our planet. As a private equity investor we pursue the goal of channelling capital to find and fund solutions. We created a tailored investment approach backed by science, driven by strong governance value, and inspired by a responsibility towards future generations, all while achieving market returns.

We live in an era of rapid change: natural resource availability, climate patterns, and governmental policies are all in flux. In the midst of the volatility, we see investment opportunity arising in innovative, well governed companies with real solutions for an uncertain future.


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