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Ozone X

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Ozone X

OzoneX is an early-stage venture capital firm that funds mission-driven startups led by women and underrepresented founders. We leverage technology and collective expertise to achieve consistent outsized returns and a more equitable world.

Failing to embrace the leadership of women, Black and Latinx people is costing companies crucial market opportunities because inherently diverse contributors understand unmet needs in under-leveraged markets. Diverse founders have a unique toolbox of problem-solving skills, social and business instincts, and vision, fueled by unique struggles and challenges. Few resources currently exist to better target historically funded demographics - and in return, everyone loses.

By investing in world-class, underrepresented founders we create more diversity in the venture ecosystem and address the market inefficiencies, creating alpha.

We base our investment decisions on four (4) key criteria:

Meaningful Problem and Sizable Opportunity

We fund investments that have great potential for outsized returns, tackling an important problem with a large growth opportunity. All investments support differentiated products and services that address significant challenges facing the world within Sustainability, Health, Education and Employment.

Stellar Founders

We invest in founders and teams with diverse backgrounds, not only regarding race, gender, ethnicity, and secular identity, but also age, religion, and skill set. It is critical that management teams be entrepreneurial, and bring a tenacious, gritty attitude to achieve success.

Potential for Scale

We look for companies that can scale and quickly establish a leadership position in the markets they serve while achieving at least a 25x ROI within 5 years.

Ability to Benefit from Management’s Expertise

We deliberately invest in companies that can benefit from the skills and resources of our diverse, global network.  Post-investment each company is assigned a curated team from within our expert community whose job is to support, advise and inform founders as they pursue critical milestones.


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