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At the end of 2020, founder Boudewijn Poelmann announced that he will retire after 31 years as the director of Novamedia and the Charity Lotteries. He is entering a new phase in his life: “An investment fund for companies that have come up with something valuable, but are not yet getting it to market properly. Companies that, like Novamedia, let the social interest prevail over just making money. Companies with a soul, with a mission that makes society better.”

Together with Esther Wubben, Maartje Willenborg and Jan Oostrom, Phase2.earth started in January 2021. We owe the name to Professor Yunus . Phase2.earth invests in start-ups and scale-ups that want to make an impact for a better world.

Humanity needs compassionate organizations: companies and countries that work to improve social success and sustainability. Humanity, authenticity, ethics and transparency are key concepts. Phase2.earth contributes to get powerful and compassionate products and services on the market. Helping to make organizations with a social purpose successful.

Phase2.earth gives companies money and expertise to develop so they can make a difference in our world. We can share our broad knowledge with sustainable entrepreneurs. Learn from each other and make each other better; that's what we call progress.


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Climate Change
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$500k - $1M
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