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Propeller’s Impact Accelerator is an interactive 4-month accelerator program that provides entrepreneurs with coaching, community building, curriculum, and technical assistance.

Our program enables entrepreneurs to build ventures that are grounded in financial viability, social impact, racial equity, and a demonstrated commitment to the prosperity of our city and region.


Community Economic Development

Entrepreneurs working to impact and improve localized economic development, to develop affordable housing, and to create jobs and build community especially for the benefit of people of color. Propeller will prioritize entrepreneurs along the Broad Street corridor, specifically those organizations addressing housing insecurity.


Education entrepreneurs connect young people to skill development opportunities while providing equitable, culturally-relevant practices and policies to our local education systems.


Entrepreneurs improving food access and food equity as well as food service businesses who are pivoting to producing consumer packaged goods and other local food products with an emphasis on sustainable, healthy, affordable, and locally sourced ingredients. Propeller will prioritize ideas that will create equitable economic development of the New Orleans food system.


Entrepreneurs providing direct health and wellness services, including clinical care and services that address the social and physical determinants of health. Propeller will prioritize entrepreneurs working to serve a client base demographically representative of New Orleans.


Entrepreneurs working specifically in stormwater management, green infrastructure, coastal restoration, or adaptation and resilience. Propeller will prioritize entrepreneurs working to diversify the water economy towards a more demographically representative sample of the majority Black and Brown city they serve.


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