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Reach Capital

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Reach Capital

We invest in education because we believe itʼs our most valuable resource. It has the power to influence our course, contribute to our dreams and strengthen our communities. We support people and ideas that expand the reach of education.

At Reach, every last one of us sees education as a transformative part of our lives. This deep connection to education has brought us together and solidified our diverse team with unique networks and talents.

We invest in the people we believe in and the ideas we want to help build. Whether we are your sole investor or one of the many partners along your journey, we’ll always be there, ready to go to bat for you when necessary.

We actively seek out information – from entrepreneurs, learners, educators, parents, researchers, This continual conversation with “the doers” is the foundation of our investment approach and fundamental to our success.

Besides being investors, we are also parents, former teachers, entrepreneurs, and product managers – uniquely qualified to help you navigate the complex and ever-evolving educational market.


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