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Reinventure Capital

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Reinventure Capital

Reinventure Capital is the second generation of a successful racial/social justice venture capital practice. Our high impact + high return strategy and investment process has been proven to deliver non concessionary financial returns along with intentional, measurable, and meaningful racial/social justice impact.

We invest in US-based companies led and controlled by BIPOC — Black, Indigenous, and other people of color — founders, and/or womxn founders of all identities. Companies  at or near breakeven, commercializing solutions to real problems, in fragmented industries, at the forefront of one or more shifts, and poised to grow profitably.

We are a diverse team investing in diverse founders who are growing profitable companies that will create new wealth and opportunity, shape our future, and reinvigorate the American dream.

Our investment strategy is driven by the steep and persistent asymmetry in access to investment capital which hyper concentrates wealth and opportunity and is a primary source of social and economic inequity.

In the United States, venture capital specifically hyper concentrates wealth and opportunity in the hands of predominantly straight white men from a dozen universities and operating companies in a half dozen metropolitan areas, all the while calling itself a meritocracy.

Rather we see injustice written in dollars. Whether that injustice is intentional or unintentional is immaterial — the outcome is the same.

Along with a growing community of peers investing for better financial returns and better social outcomes, Reinventure Capital is restructuring venture capital from the inside out by putting capital in the hands of successful Black, multicultural and women founders to accelerate and amplify the value and wealth they are already creating.


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