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Resilient Ventures

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Resilient Ventures

Resilient Ventures is joining the historic and contemporary movement against the economic injustices and disparate barriers to capital through intentional investments in founders of color and their high growth businesses. In addition to pursuing the highest returns for our investors we are equally committed to building authentic relationships across the color line, cultivating flourishing communities, and contributing in substantial ways to the education and professional development of all our stakeholders.

We aim to model the kind of full integration, access to capital and opportunities for founders of color that Dr. King had a dream of one day seeing come to pass.

We will advance capital, networks, and opportunities for our founders. We will invest in 15-20 companies by 2024. From “Main Street” consumer and service sectors to high growth entrepreneurial businesses crossing multiple sectors.

Through intentional high growth investing, cultivating collaborative partnerships with skilled professionals, educational institutions, business networks, and other angel groups we will advance strategies to close the economic wealth gap across the color line.

We will persist in educating and encouraging our peers on the historic and contemporary effects of institutional racism and work to change the conscious and unconscious bias operating in the venture space.


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