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With 85% of the global population living in emerging and frontier markets, we see not only billions of opportunities to take, but also billions of lives to improve.

Great ideas and talent exist everywhere, not just in the Silicon Valley. Capital, business support, and access to networks, on the other hand, do not. We envision a world where every talented and determined entrepreneur has access to the resources that they need to grow their business and create a lasting impact in their communities.

We are a company of change makers across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central-Eastern Europe, and Asia who are passionate about making a difference in emerging and frontier markets through entrepreneurship and technology.

As an international investment and education company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, our work spans 90+ countries with 15 offices around the globe. We support the world’s most ambitious and dedicated entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their companies to create meaningful and lasting change.

The focus of our work is to invest in the most promising entrepreneurs heading up high-growth companies in emerging and frontier markets. We support these ventures with customised and responsive programs to help them develop profitable companies that can have a broader impact.

Seedstars partners with governments, developmental financial institutions, foundations, corporations and investors to build sturdy and healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems that drive purposeful social and economic development. To do this, we use our global cross-sector expertise, and we harness the power of our international community.


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