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Social Impact Capital

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Social Impact Capital

Our firm is a hybrid between a venture capital firm, and an open source community, and we aim to have the largest network in the world that can help source, diligence and build impact companies. Our goal is to help companies build strong foundations, and get the next round led by the very best venture capitalists. We currently have a 88% record of our investments being followed-on by top-tier venture capital firms. Our view is that “Silicon Valley” is more a state of mind than a location, and we’ll invest worldwide in companies that have strong Silicon Valley DNA.

We invest in entrepreneurs that are building world-changing companies. Our investments aim to produce venture capital returns by solving the world’s most challenging and entrenched problems. We are always in search of teams doing good with technology.

Social Impact Capital backs early-stage entrepreneurs building companies that can produce venture capital returns and have a scalable social impact.

Social Impact Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm based in New York City that invests worldwide.

We’re a generalist fund, investing in the “best ideas in impact” where the driver of the business is a social good.


Peter Bruce Clark

Peter Bruce Clark

Partner at Social Impact Capital
San Francisco
United States
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