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Summa Equity

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Summa Equity

Summa Equity is a thematic investment firm defined by a purpose-driven team that has come together to invest in companies that address some of our global challenges.

We focus on companies in industries supported by megatrends within  three themes: Resource Efficiency, Changing Demographics  and Tech-Enabled Business. Our investments across the three themes have the potential for long term sustainable outperformance because they address some of the social, environmental, and business challenges we need to solve as a society

It is encouraging to see  increased momentum among companies and investors to join us in solving the challenges that the world is facing. We closed our Fund II in 2019 with SEK 6.7 billion (c. EUR 630 million)  to invest to solve global challenges. From the time of inception and we closed our first fund in 2017 with commitments of SEK 4.7 billion (c. EUR 440 million), there has been a significant development  in the investment community. It recognizes that companies that incorporate solutions to ESG challenges, is no longer just a way to minimize risk, but is increasingly seen as a tool to create value. Companies will show stronger growth and returns. In short, these companies will be more future-proof.

We are honored and proud that Summa has been recognized  as an innovator, most recently by winning the ESG Award at the Private Equity Awards 2019, one of the oldest and most  respected tributes in our industry. Summa Equity won for placing ESG considerations at the core of our investment model. We wish to co-create a way of thinking with our portfolio companies and together grow competence around the Sustainable Development Goals, the associated business  opportunities and how to measure impact. We believe that this will contribute to stronger long-term strategies, fuel  innovation and create a stronger sense of purpose.


Karin Cakste

Karin Cakste

CEO of Summit Equity
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