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The Builders Fund

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The Builders Fund

Best-in-Class Returns. Positive Impact.

A financial system overly focused on short-term and extractive behavior (driven by the assumption of the primacy of shareholder profit in a vacuum) has been a significant driver of the systemic challenges we face on the planet today. Yet capitalism is also best equipped to be a driver of solutions. The Builders Fund seeks to help catalyze a global shift in financial markets toward a more integrated, systemically-aware, and regenerative approach to investing in and building businesses. The fund believes that by generating exceptional financial returns through the deployment of capital into impactful, purpose-driven companies, it can help catalyze a more equitable & sustainable form of capitalism.


Our vision is to improve the world through the profitable deployment of capital into conscious businesses.

Capitalism must be part of the solution if we are to fix the significant and intractable social and environmental challenges we face today. For that to occur, we must get back to investing in and building scalable and purpose-driven businesses which improve the world, vs. simply extract wealth over the short term. Builders was formed to celebrate and support the entrepreneurs, leaders and "builders" that are crafting a better future. We are experienced operators and business builders ourselves, and our team of successful entrepreneurs has formed to leverage our collective expertise to guide and scale portfolio companies as they seek to address the pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.


Theme Based Investments We make investments around well-researched market themes and social/environmental problems where platform companies can be built and we can add value.

Conscious Companies Key criteria for selecting targets are evaluated systematically including a driven management team committed to building a transformational business, aspirational culture, and an inherently profitable model with the potential to scale as a platform in a key thematic area.

Partnership Philosophy We believe that great investments are built on great partnerships and value is created by investing in, and working hand-in-hand with, great management teams.

Fundamental Value Creation We believe that success in private equity is driven by creating value at companies versus capital markets transactions. In each investment, we allocate capital to execute approximately 3-4 key alpha generating strategies and take a hands-on approach.

Respect For The Business We maintain a strong preference for returns driven through sustainable earnings improvement versus financial leverage or extractive strategies, and focus on long term value creation.


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