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Trividend, that is impact investing since 2001. A few financiers saw the need for unsecured loans and risk capital in the social sector. Their input was a lever: both the government and the private sector took part in the story. Trividend quickly grew into a strong example of a public-private partnership. Since 2010, Trividend has been the Flemish Participation Fund for the Social Economy , recognized by the Flemish Government.

Trividend invests in companies that help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Do you want to do business in a value-oriented way? Isn't short-term profit a goal in itself? Send an email to Jesse and hear how Trividend can help you.

The United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs) are our guiding principles:

  • Our assignment focuses on Objective 8: Decent work and economic growth.
  • We pay special attention to Goal 8.5: Decent work for all women and men, including young people and persons with disabilities, as well as equal pay for work of equal value
  • Other companies must provide financial added value to our portfolio.


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