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VentureWave Capital

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VentureWave Capital

VentureWave Capital is an actively managed venture private equity group that invests in and builds great companies.

We work hard with talented entrepreneurs and teams to build long lasting value, while maximising the benefits of our investments for all stakeholders, in line with the principles of Impact Investing.

We seek to maximise financial potential by applying proven tools and methods to help great entrepreneurs to scale and grow their companies.

The companies in which we invest produce products and services which have a positive social impact, are in vital sectors and address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

We invest primarily in people, because the best entrepreneurs gather great teams to make incredible things happen. Together.

Our investment strategy is anchored in the belief that enterprise and innovation, when directed properly, can create more equitable and sustainable societies.

We believe that Impact Investing is not a new way of doing business, but rather the right way to do business.

VentureWave Capital exists to help great entrepreneurs build great companies – combining talented teams with the tools and skills necessary to create real lasting value.

We aim to invest in a future where businesses strive to make positive impacts for all stakeholders.


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