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Vital Capital

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Vital Capital

Vital Capital is a leading impact investment, private equity fund focused on sub-Saharan Africa. Since our Fund’s inception in 2011, our impact-driven investing has delivered essential development impact to millions of individuals in low and middle-income communities.

Our investments are guided by the conviction that creating positive, sustainable impact can go hand-in-hand with delivering market-rate, risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Impact is integral to what we do, from deciding where to invest to helping us refine our approach to future investments. Over the past years, our investments have demonstrated that no trade-off is necessary between a project’s impact and its commercial viability. Building on this experience, we are proud to be an active partner in the international effort to embed impact investing further in mainstream investment practices.

In all our ventures, our relationships with our partners – investors, portfolio companies, international organizations, banks and other impact investing funds – have been key to our success. Combined with the expertise of our team, these partnerships have helped us to constantly deepen our knowledge of our target region as well as critically assess how our investments fit into the larger picture of global development – leading to smart, targeted investments that deliver both impact and return at the highest level.


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