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Wireframe Ventures

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Wireframe Ventures

Seed & early-stage VC firm backing missionary founders attacking hard problems in large, real-world industries. We look for founding teams who can build a compelling product/service that can one day re-define a market or create an entirely new one. Our capital is early, active and patient.

Every startup journey is unique - there's no single playbook that works for everyone, especially in the early days. We try to meet you where you are and help you get where you dream of going. We listen with empathy, we tell you the truth and we'll dive in to contribute hands-on support whenever you need it. You should expect nothing less from any investor.

Building an extraordinary company is (very) hard. But we believe in founders setting out to do just that, while also making a positive impact on our world. If you embody all of these traits and you’re just beginning your own journey, please get in touch.


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