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Amy Novogratz

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Investing in: 
Food & Ag
Climate Change
Founder & Managing Partner at Aqua-Spark

Amy brings almost two decades of experience in fostering collaborative solutions to some of the world’s big challenges. From helping to start the Social Policy Action Network, bringing together policy makers, academics, journalists and grassroots organizations to tackle pressing social policy issues, to developing and producing Chat the Planet, a web and television entity that bridged young people globally and to serving as director of the TED Conference’s annual TED Prize for almost a decade, leading more than twenty global collaborations across a broad spectrum of sectors, including healthcare, education, science, technology, conservation, art, and activism.

With TED, her list of notable projects include: Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue, Jamie Oliver’s Food revolution, JR’s Inside Out Project, and Bono’s One.org among others. Amy met her partner Mike through ocean conservation work connected to Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue and together built Aqua-Spark to invest in the right types of aquaculture solutions to provide access to healthy, affordable protein and take pressure off of the ocean. With Aqua-Spark Amy serves on the boards of Love the Wild, eFishery, and Xpert Sea.



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