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Glenn Rockman

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Investing in: 
Health & Wellness
Founder and Managing Partner at Adjuvant Capital

Prior to Adjuvant, Glenn launched and then co-managed the Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF), which was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and structured by J.P. Morgan’s Social Finance unit, where Glenn was an Executive Director. He is still active on a number of GHIF projects, including board seats at several innovative life sciences companies such as Univercells, Themis (acquired by Merck in 2020), and EuBiologics (listed on KOSDAQ in 2017: 206650.KQ). Glenn also represented GHIF’s interests as a director at IanTech, which was acquired by Carl Zeiss Meditec in 2018, and as a founding director at Moxidectin for Onchocerciasis Ltd., which ultimately led to the “unprecedented approval” of the first new treatment for river blindness by the US FDA in 20 years.

At Adjuvant, Glenn oversees the firm’s investments in X-Vax (board observer), InDevR (board member), and Codagenix (board member). He is also actively engaged with the Research Investment for Global Health Technology Fund (RIGHT Fund) as a board member and a champion of leveraging the strengths of South Korea’s life sciences industry to bring new public health innovations to market. True to his conviction in the power of capital markets and impact investing to drive improvements in livelihoods around the world, he recently added a board seat at WaterEquity to his commitments.

Prior to his GHIF/Adjuvant roles, Glenn spent more than a decade as an investment banker at J.P. Morgan, where his practice focused on serving the financing needs of research institutions, charitable foundations, universities, museums, and other mission-driven organizations. He earned an AB in public policy from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

Adjuvant Capital

Adjuvant Capital

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