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Stacey Fruitman

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Founder at Style with Substance Ventures

Stacey Fruitman, the Founder of SWS, has always had a passion for innovation, with a focus on making a positive impact in society.

In 2007, while leading corporate marketing initiatives at Tridel, Canada’s largest condominium developer, Stacey launched and produced the Eco-Suite. Stacey wanted to generate more excitement about living green by focusing on ‘style’. Over 30 promotional partners came together, and the Eco-suite garnered National publicity and was filmed by the New York Times and featured on Jet blue TV.

Stacey holds an HBA from Western University (London, Ontario) and an MBA from ESSEC (Paris, France) in Luxury Brand Management. She also is a certified as Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner (CSR-P) by the Centre of Sustainability and Excellence.

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